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Our goal at super clean is to have the upmost integrity in performing the highest quality work for our clients, while providing them with a turnkey solution for easy booking, coordination and experience. We put our clients first. That is why we have a 100% satisfaction process. We do not take any final payments until you have done a thorough walk around and signed off on the work.

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Post Construction Window Cleaning

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Himalayas window cleaner after construction, windows are always sprayed with thick paint, silicone, stucco and plaster debris. Even the tidiest construction site leaves windows needing some special care. Post construction window cleaning requires more expertise, specialized tools and greater attention to detail than usual maintenance window cleaning. The risk of scratching the glass is very high and thought needs to be taken to select the right tools to clean the glass without causing damage. Tempered glass is particularly sensitive to scratches. The composition of the glass and microscopic flaws from manufacturing means that scrapers will scratch this type of glass. Tempered glass is tedious to clean because it needs to be manually scrubbed to remove paint and debris. So its usually take more time than regular window clean but our team will  make that easy and work fast and  we do it within short time but its totally depend on the weather situations . Please if you need post construction window cleaning press button quote .

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