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Our goal at super clean is to have the upmost integrity in performing the highest quality work for our clients, while providing them with a turnkey solution for easy booking, coordination and experience. We put our clients first. That is why we have a 100% satisfaction process. We do not take any final payments until you have done a thorough walk around and signed off on the work.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Himalayas Commercial Window Cleaning

The appearance of your building can have a significant effect on your customer’s initial impressions as they enter your business. Clear, sparkling windows are a great and easy way to encourage a positive impression on your customers before have even stepped inside your building!

At Himalayas window cleaner , we offer low-rise window cleaning services for our clients, and can service buildings of to 5-7 stories without the use of ladders or roof anchor systems. Unlike traditional office cleaning methods, we use a water fed telescopic pole system which is operated from the ground. The set up / tear down time with this system is significantly less than other methods, and allows us to achieve the same quality of cleanliness, in less time. So that means less disruption to your business, employees and customers.

Why choose Himalayas window cleaner for your commercial window cleaning?

With years of commercial window cleaning experience, it means we’ll get you the best results in minimal time!

With our use of the water-fed telescopic pole system, it gets your windows cleaned effectively and much quicker than the more traditional way — meaning less disruption to your business and less money for you to spend!

We’ll always keep you in the loop from the first call so you always know what to expect from us

If you would like your building to reflect your business in a positive light, get in touch with us today using one of the buttons below!

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